About Us

Sky High Cannabis Ltd.

Sky High Cannabis is a provincially licenced recreational cannabis shop.  We are family owned and operate out of our flagship location at Squamish, BC. Having a provincial licence means our customers purchase quality tested products. We are grateful to provide our community with quality cannabis in a safe and stigma free environment.

Our Values

DOGS – means you embody love, respectfulness and have a willingness to connect.  You show courage and have an open heart.

Joint Efforts – speaks to connecting with my team, a willingness to help my teammates and having the courage to ask for help when I need it.

Integrity – is choosing what is right even when it is hard and uncomfortable, over what is easy and comfortable.  It is practising your values, not just professing them.


Here at Sky High, we are all family; a cannabis community, coming from near and far to share an experience we all love. That’s why we dedicate ourselves on providing you with the knowledge you need and the cannabis you can’t get enough of.  A safe haven for all; no judgements, no fear, just great cannabis.

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