About Cannabis

There are two main types of cannabis plants, sativa and indica . These two types of cannabis plants can be combined to make hybrid strains. Each individual strain of cannabis can provide a range of different effects, which provides customers with a wide range of benefits.

Indica buds provide a strong body high, it is the more stereotyped kind of cannabis as it is known to make users sleepy or to become ‘couch-locked.’ It is great for deep relaxation, insomnia and can help users improve their appetite. Smoking sativa is a great alternative for those who like  the more energetic and uplifting effects. Great for daytime or simply getting creative.

Cannabis strains range from pure sativa to pure indica or will have varying amounts of both in hybrid strains. Hybrid’s will typically come as either 30% indica – 70% sativa, 50% – 50% combinations, or 80% indica – 20% sativa strains. Since sativa’s and indica’s have different effects and benefits, certain cannabis strains are better to target different illnesses or needs.

Indica or indica dominate strains are typically used by customers who need help with anxiety, pain, loss of appetite, and sleep disorders. Indica dominant strains are great for relaxation or meditation. These strains typically have a strong sweet or sour odour.

Benefits of Indica:                                                                        

  1. Relieves anxiety and stress
  2. Relieves headaches and migraines
  3. Relieves spasms, reduces seizures 
  4. Relaxes muscles 
  5. Relieves body pain
  6. Improves appetite
  7. Helps insomnia

Sativa or sativa dominate strains are wonderful for daytime use and anyone looking for something to enhance their creative outlet. It has uplifting or ‘cerebral’ effects which can provide people with new insights or ideas. Sativa strains typically have more of a grassy odor.

Benefits of Sativa:                                                             

  1. Increase of energy
  2. Uplifting, euphoria
  3. Good for depression 
  4. Increase focus and concentration
  5. Great for creativity
  6. Feelings of being at-ease

Cannabis is a wonderful plant with many benefits and many forms to fit every persons specific needs. More people are opting for edibles, cbd oil, tincture as well as other forms of cannabis. This provides people, who may not wish to smoke cannabis, other options to meet their medical cannabis needs.

Meet the Team


Tristan is the creator and owner of Sky High Cannabis, who wants to work with the community to provide them excellent cannabis products. Tristan believes that cannabis is a multifaceted medicine that can help people from all walks of life, in myriad of different ways. He has worked in the hospitality industry for over 25 years and has been a realtor in the Sea to Sky corridor for 16 years. A well known family man and artist, he has created a new beginning for his family by building Sky High from the ground up. He’s friendly, dependable and he’s here to help the Sea to Sky community with all their cannabis needs. He welcomes you to come on by; he’d love to meet you and shake your hand!


Linley is the Social Media Manager of Sky High Cannabis, working with our mascot, Ruby Doobie, to showcase Sky High’s journey and capture all the wonderful Sky High Club moments. Linley believes there is nothing like encapsulating the special moments and being able to share them with the world. Linley has garnered a decent following through her modelling, with almost 5000 followers on Facebook; she hopes to use her knowledge of social media and editing to help Sky High’s content stay fresh and keep us connected with the rest of the community.


Our quirky Beagle/ Cavalier puppy, Ruby, is the big eared mascot of Sky High Cannabis, who hopes to put a smile on everyones face, one tail wag at a time. She is hilarious, friendly and will do whatever it takes to get a treat! She is the inspiration behind our pre rolled joints aka Ruby Doobies, and will hopefully be one of our main attractions. She loves belly rubs, playing tug of war and especially treats so we will have her belly, her toys and her treats readily available. Anyone that can teach her a new trick will get a prize! Stop by to shake Ruby’s paw and join the Sky High Club and be a part of our Ruby Doobie family!


Matt is the Product Manager and weed connoisseur of Sky High Cannabis,  with the desire to help his community build a new understanding of cannabis and what it has to offer. He has been developing his knowledge of cannabis for over the last 15 years and his passion for cannabis is unmatched. He is a man of many talents, full of dreams and ideas for changing the world and believes we can accomplish that through cannabis. While he is known to be a down to earth and easy going guy, he has a truly captivating mind and loves to share his knowledge with the world. Come on by to share your thoughts and ideas with this guy or to find out more about your favourite plant!


A Sea to Sky local for 25 years, Aimee Todd-Mussett is the matriarch of the Sky High Cannabis Family and the mastermind behind much of the Sky High brand. She is a self-taught artist who some may liken to a modern day Grandma Moses as she is 55 years old and in her first year of painting. While she may seem absent from the store for the first while, her essence and creative ideas live through the small details of our Sky High Cannabis store, including the wildlife paintings displayed on the walls. She paints in bold and colourful acrylics depicting Canadian wildlife with expressive eyes, and a little attitude. Her landscapes feature iconic BC scenery, like Mt. Currie and One Mile Lake. She believes in putting in all the hard work necessary to help our new business thrive and she cannot wait to be able to spend more time in store with the rest of the family. If you do happen to come in when Aimee is around, you will be greeted with a warm and welcoming presence that is completely infectious; so come on by and see the lady boss behind the man boss.


Sky High Cannabis Ltd is a family owned and operated cannabis retail store located in Squamish, BC. We are dedicated to providing our customers with access to high quality recreational cannabis products, in a safe and judgement free environment.

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