Sky High Community Stoners

Community is a joint effort!

Sky High wants to join forces with this beautiful community to help make it an even better place. Bring in any 5 items on the food bank approved list or the clothing approved list below and receive a discount! The more you donate the more you can save!*

If you can’t make a donation but want still to want to be a part of helping the community, then simply post a photo of yourself doing something to help this wonderful community to Instagram or Facebook; such as picking up trash in your neighbourhood. Please remember to tag the Sky High Community Stoner page and #skyhighcommunitystoners so you can get your discount.  

Follow Sky High Community Stoners on Instagram and Facebook to join forces and start making a difference with us! 

*Maximum discount of 20% and it can only be applied to one order a time.

Frustrated about the cannabis packaging?

We have a solution for that! Bring every piece of cannabis packaging back to Sky High and be a part of our recycling program. Let’s make a difference together!”

Do you want to make a difference to the future of cannabis?

Have comments, questions or concerns regarding the changes to the cannabis industry? Here are some of the people and places you can contact to get your voice out there:

Health Canada/ Federal Cannabis Inquiries:
Phone: 1-866-337-7705

Cannabis Inquiries for British Columbia:

Contact your Prime Minister:


Here at Sky High, we are all family; a cannabis community, coming from near and far to share an experience we all love. That’s why we dedicate ourselves on providing you with the knowledge you need and the cannabis you can’t get enough of.  A safe haven for all; no judgements, no fear, just great cannabis.

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