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Tristan (The Ganj Father) and Aimee (Fairy Ganj Mother) are the heart & soul of our entire operation. Locals to the Sea to Sky, they had a vision of building a family business from the ground up. Two years later and a lot of hard work, Sky High is the first provincially licensed Cannabis retailer in Squamish. Tristan and Aimee are both cannabis enthusiasts, Tristan; a fan of edibles and his wife Aimee enjoys a good joint of blueberry any place anytime. Their favourite part of being in the industry is working alongside an amazing team of individuals inspired to make big changes. They hope that all cannabis products will become more accessible on every level. Fun fact: Aimee & Tristan are avid poker players and talented artists, come by the shop and see some of their work! 


Linley (Queen of Cannabis) is our leader and outgoing General Manager. Linley has been a pioneer since the beginning and has put a lot of hard work into helping get Sky High to where it is today. Linley is a recreational user and a huge advocate for cannabis, she loves sweet tasting strains and is a fan of using bongs. Linley’s favourite part of being in the industry is seeing the changes it makes to people’s lives. She feels inspired when someone comes back to thank her, she says nothing compares to the feeling. Linley hopes the world gets to a place where cannabis is more accepted, understood and utilized to its full potential. Fun fact: Linley is a tea-aholic and it’s not very often you’ll find her without a tea in her hand. 

Favourite Cannabis Activist: Willie Nelson 


Ruby (Ruby Doobie) & Honey (Honey Pot) are our team mascots and shop dogs. Ruby is the original OG mascot, a small dog with a large diva personality and her sweet little half-sister Honey is very passionate about all food. They enjoy long morning hikes with their crew and love spending the afternoon lounging around the shop greeting friends old or new. Stop by Sky High to meet these lovely ladies and if you have a pup of your own make sure to bring them in for a treat! Fun fact: Although there are a lot of similarities between these two sisters Honey is actually a lot smaller than her big sister and has a tiny face with huge eyes. 


Bradley (nickname Dabley) was our very first employee to join the Sky-High family. A long-time cannabis enthusiast and professional grower, he brings a lot of extensive knowledge to the team. Brad loves working in the industry and is excited for seeds & clones to be released in the future, he also hopes that we can continue to come together until excessive Government packaging is reduced. His three favourite strains are Lindsay, Mendo Breath & Romulan and his favourite way to consume is by rolling up a joint or blunt. Fun fact a lot of people say Brad is Seth Rogen’s doppelganger so come by the shop and decide for yourself! 

Favourite Cannabis Activist: BC born Seth Rogen 


Chris (nickname Sativa the Diva) brings a lot of fun energy to our team! Chris has a vast background in the travel & hospitality Industry and is excited to use his talents and further his skills in the Cannabis Industry. As a travel enthusiast Chris hopes that Cannabis continues to be more open and accessible on a global level. His favourite part about working in the industry is hearing real stories about how Cannabis has changed the lives of so many. His top strains are Limelight & Romulan and his favourite way of consuming is by bong or a sneaky vape. Fun fact Chris is Squamish’s first Stoner Drag Queen.

Favourite Cannabis Activist: Bob Marley 


Nicole (nickname Dabbsy Babbsy) brings a creative flame to our team and is the queen of making live resin and edibles. A long time Cannabis enthusiast, she loves working in the industry, seeing the behind the scenes and having a voice in the process & change. Nicole hopes that reduced packaging and higher THC limits will be the future of Cannabis in Canada. Her favourite strain is MK Ultra and her favourite way to consume is you guessed it… dabs 😉 aka fresh pressed live resin. Fun fact Nicole is a massive animal lover and she is always the most excited when any pup comes into our shop. 

Favourite Cannabis Activist: Jeffree Star 


Brennan (nickname Burnandan) is a true outdoor enthusiast, nothing is better to him than being out in nature and smoking a little weed. Brennan has a long extensive background in hospitality and has been a recreational Cannabis user for years. Brennan’s favourite part of being in the Cannabis industry is being involved in the process from prohibition to legalization and to be working alongside such positive open-minded individuals in a massive developing industry. Moving forward, Brennan is excited to see all the new technologies that will be released related to THC/CBD products. He would love to see the Cannabis world pioneer “green” and biodegradable plastics and products too. Brennan’s favourite strain is a toss-up between Master Kush & White Widow and his favourite way to consume is usually a bong but sometimes a joint. Fun fact Brennan’s first-time smoking weed was in a café in Amsterdam where he tried White Widow, that’s where the magic all began.

Favourite Cannabis Activist: Tommy Chong


Tyler (nickname Moon Rock) has an impressive background in retail and his organization skills are out of this world and into the next planet. Tyler has always had a passion and love for Cannabis and his favourite part of being in the industry is being able to have the access and opportunity to get a good feel for a wide range of new products. He hopes to see a continued rise in Cannabis awareness & knowledge of the benefits of THC & CBD. Tyler’s favourite strains are Romulan & Blue Lights and his favourite way to consume Cannabis is by bong or concentrate pens. Fun fact Tyler is a natural aerialist

Favourite Cannabis Activist: Chelsea Handler


Erin (nickname Burnie) a bright cannabis enthusiast with a sunny and shiny attitude. She would love to see more interactive cannabis events within the community, from ganga yoga to puff, pass, paint nights. Erin’s keen eye for detail has proven to be a true asset around the shop. Her passion for cannabis and a passion for travel has peaked a very interesting goal in wanting to try strains from all over the world. Erin hopes the future of cannabis will allow more cannabis smoking lounges or other designated establishments for consuming cannabis. Erin’s favourite way to consume cannabis is the good ol’ fashioned joint and her favourite strain is Blueberry. Erin is a huge lover of animals and is an animal CBD use enthusiast and would love to see animals and humans using CBD for their ailments rather than traditional western medicine.

Favourite Cannabis Activist: “Brownie” Mary Jane Rathbun

Favourite strain: Blueberry 

What I hope for the future of cannabis: I would love to see more accessible smoking and consumption lounges! There should be designated establishments for people to consume cannabis any community where there’s bars. Also, would like to see more fun events such as ganja yoga/ puff, pass and paint 

Favourite way to smoke: Joint all the way 

Favourite part of being in the industry: Meeting all the amazing licensed producers and being able to connect with such knowledgeable cannabis enthusiasts 

Experience in cannabis: Travelling the world to try new strains 


Here at Sky High, we are all family; a cannabis community, coming from near and far to share an experience we all love. That’s why we dedicate ourselves on providing you with the knowledge you need and the cannabis you can’t get enough of.  A safe haven for all; no judgements, no fear, just great cannabis.

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